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8000+ m²
OWN Factory

From concept to design, prototype, production, packaging and logistics, we offer a full range of services.

ODM/OEM Service Since 2006

We provide tailor-made product design, process and packaging production solutions and after-sales service for you at different stages of development and different needs.

GRS Certification

We are the first company in China’s 3C industry to receive GRS certification, and our environmentally friendly products make up 60% of our entire product category.

What we offer for you —
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VIP Customer Service and Product Innovation Centre

CEO leads material and process engineers and designers to grasp customer needs within 24 hours. Samples in 72 hours, reasonable and competitive quotations in 48 hours.

16+New Sustainable Materialst

Biodegradable, pineapple peel, fruit peel, coffee grounds, apple peel, lemon peel, recyclable materials, etc.

Professional Marketing

Weekly information on the market share of accessories and the latest fashion trends.

20+Comprehensive Laboratory

The industry’s first comprehensive laboratory, covering more than 20 tests on materials, functions and more.

Internationa Certification

GRS, Biodegradable, ISO14001, BSCI, FSC, Disney, WCA, Sedex, etc.

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Phone Case

AirPods Case

iPad Case

MacBook Case

iWatch Strap

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Sustainability Is Not Just a Feature of Our Products
It’s Deeply Embedded in Our Corporate Values and Design

Sustainable Materials

Our aim is to continuously develop and use renewable or recycled materials to manufacture our products

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds contain a large amount of nitrogen compounds, which can help plants grow as nutrients, they can also recycle materials and make a new contribution to new materials for environmental protection.

GRS Recycled Series

Development of 10+ new environment-friendly materials such as apple peel, corn peel, pineapple peel, fruit peel, orange peel, etc. Material traceability, TC trading certificate for each order.

GRS-Recycled IMD Series

An innovative 15-member R&D team continues to recommend new processes and materials every week and offers more than 300 new product designs. How do you make fashionable, personalized graphics and eco-friendly at the same time? We will make it happen!

Pineapple Leather

This series of eco-friendly products is made from plant fibers extracted from pineapple leaves. After the pineapple fruit harvest, pineapple leaves are usually discarded directly as agricultural waste.

Sustainability, which has become the standard for brand business transformation



Eco-friendly products help customers open up and win more market share, with a 250% increase in sales.


Clients Satisfied

New materials, new processes and 200 new product designs continue to be introduced every month.

Go green

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