About Us

Flexible Customization and Fast Delivery for Brands since 2006

Automated injection workshop / Leather sewing workshop / Packaging workshop

8000+ ㎡
Factory Area
Sampling time
Automation equipment
GRS certification
Employees at 2022
R&D Team
Capacity / Year

Factory Audit

30+ factory inspections/year, creating more possibilities for your market expansion, “China‘s Tax Credit Grade A”


Enter the mobile smart accessories industry Rising with Apple


Factory Establishment; OEM service; Layout in developed countries


Automated equipment production; Passed international quality and management certification; Investment in R&D and design


Provide industry data analysis; Lay out sustainable development; Transform ODM customized services


80% environmentally friendly material products; AIGC: Intelligent Generation Content; 80% automated production
  • 80% automated production
  • 100W/month production
  • Mold makers with over 15 years experience
  • Imported precision equipment
  • Five specialised production lines
  • Mold makers with over 20 years experience
  • 30W/month production
  • There are 5 packaging lines, for example, packaging capacity of 120W-150W/month
  • Automatic needle detectors equipment
  • Automatic barcode scannerfor each packaging line
  • Carton Sealer
  • NDA training for customer production
  • Enjoy independent and priority production line
  • Customer rights protection management
  • Third-party professional destruction

Ethics and Production

Ethics and compliance
A safe and respectful workplace for everyone
Greener factories, greener communities.

R&D Team

C&T's investment in product R&D and innovation accounts for 5-10% of the company's annual marketing expenses.

Engineering Team

21+engineers(PE/IE/ME/BOM...) Improve process flow to enhance quality, efficiency, and fast delivery in a short time.

Quality System

15+people team 1st comprehensive laboratory in the industry product test report(All materials、safety test、screen test、Glue test、Hardware accessories test)

Comprehensive Laboratory

Increase investment in quality control within the enterprise, establish industry-leading professional laboratory, purchase more than 10 test instruments and equipment. Such as optics, materials and mechanics. The product test items are complete to ensure that the product meets international standards.

Customer Cooperation Cases

Its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions including Europe, North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia and South America. It has a complete product line and customized ecological chain solutions in the phone case industry, which can flexibly meet the differentiated needs of different customers around the world and quickly respond to the changing market demand.


  • Specialized in special new enterprises
  • New high-tech enterprise
  • Integrate IT application with
  • Innovative small and medium-sized
  • Tax grade A
  • Won the 2023-2024 Innovation Design Gold Award at CES 2024